Your child’s journey of discovery, questioning, experimentation, and development begins from the moment they enter the world. Once you have made Canton Hill Academy your school of choice, we will ensure that your child thrives academically, personally, morally, and socially. We believe that when it comes to learning, there’s nothing more motivating for young children than success and the celebration of success.

Achievement and recognition build confidence and self-belief, which in turn encourages perseverance and determination. It’s a virtuous circle that really fosters a love of learning and is central to our teaching approach.

We look forward to welcoming your children to Canton Hill Academy and we pledge not to betray the trust you would repose in us by entrusting your child’s education into our care, but to meet all your expectations and more.”

Austin Imangui (School Director)

Canton Hill Academy

‘THE PRIMAS’- First among Equals


The MISSION of Canton Hill Academy is to serve its community by providing an internationalised education of the highest quality within the context and understanding the shared values: R-responsibility, E-empathy, S-safety, P-pride, E-excellence, C-consideration and T-truth. The school promotes an understanding of the meaning and significance of these values through the experience it offers its pupils and the school motto: PRIMAS which means Outstanding.

Our VISION is to be one of the top leading education providers in the country, breeding confident, independent, ethical and global individuals who will become responsible and resourceful citizens wherever they find themselves.


Our approach of ‘learning through play’ is designated to help children achieve their potential and increase their confidence through a wide variety of experiences. We provide opportunities for personal and social development, from speaking and listening, encouraging goal making, mathematics, improve digital skills, expanding the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world; encouraging them to explore their creativity through music and art; frequent French classes.

Outdoors, the children can learn about gardening at the flowerbed, or make use of the climbing equipment, which is on a soft surface. They play safely and happily in their own area. Whatever the activity, we are constantly interacting with the children to ensure they are able to gain maximum benefit. Sand, water, play dough, puzzles, building blocks, shape sorters and construction of bricks help the children to develop the concepts of form, shape, size and textures so that they can learn as they play.


Our faculty is comprised of 21st Century teachers and administrators who are dedicated and committed to children. They are well- educated in child development, they understand and embrace the value of early education.

They are responsive, receptive, and aware of the needs of early learners, and are eager to cooperate with parents to promote each child’s optimal growth and development.


Children learn more in the first five (5) years of their lives than at any other time – and they do this simply by playing. Our primary aim is to work in partnership with parents to develop happy and confident children who are interested in everything they see and hear thus contributing to enquiring minds.


Children from 4 months to 14 years old play and learn in spacious, brightly decorated rooms, with colourful wall displays of the children’s work and photos of their activities. We also display activity planners, curriculum information and menus to keep parents fully informed about their child’s experience at Canton Hill Academy.


Children learn more in the first five (5) years of their lives than at any other time – and they do this simply by playing. Our primary aim is to work in partnership with parents to develop happy and confident children who are interested in everything they see and hear thus contributing to enquiring minds.


All food is freshly cooked on the premises every day by a seasoned Chef and it is nutritionally balanced, with fresh fruits, vegetables, and low salt.

We’ll happily cater to special dietary requirements, and no one is expected to rush or eat food they don’t like. Babies on all–milk diets are fed when they are hungry with milk that you provide and are cuddled during feeding, just like they would be at home.

As they grow confident with food, babies join the older children sitting in high chairs, Staff plays a full part in all mealtimes and chat with the children as they feed them.


Our baby room focus on a sensory approach as the sense of touch is key in the early stages of development. Babies explore materials, objects and educational toys while closely supervised by our staff. They play with paint, sand and water and enjoy discovering, grasping, rolling and looking at interesting objects. At this stage in their lives children spend much time on or near the floor.

Equipment and display are placed at this level so that they can see, touch, feel and investigate t heir environment close up.

Ceilings are covered with hanging, eye-catching objects as children also spend time on their backs looking up. Appropriate books are available for babies to look through with staff, providing early speaking and listening opportunities. Listening to sounds, music and rhymes encourages speech and language development.


CANTON HILL ACADEMY’S literacy programme in the Primary 3school ensures that  the  pupils  actively engage in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They participate in creative, hands-on projects to expand their knowledge. The writing process develops from simple invented spelling and journal writing in Key stage 1 to short stories, poetry, and reports in Key stage 2. Exposure to good literature, silent sustained reading, and group discussions develop an appreciation of and enthusiasm for reading. Enrichment is provided through the use of library resources and children’s literature. Canton Hill Academy’s primary school pupils are active learners who love to read and write.

In Key stage 3 (Lower Secondary School), the British curriculum helps to promote high standards of language by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment. It ensures that all students read easily, fluently, develop the habit of reading widely to acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language, write clearly, accurately and coherently.  They learn to adapt their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences as well as competence in the arts of speaking and listening, making formal presentations, demonstrating to others and participating in debate.


At Canton Hill Academy, our pupils at year 5 write the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination and National common entrance Examination.

At Key Stage 3, scholars will write the BECE (NECO) and Cambridge Checkpoint Secondary 1 Examination